We are Free Software Practitioners and offer Commercial Services in a solid Legal Framework. The ethics that are core to Free Software are also the core of our Business Conduct.

Our Vision

Free Software

“Decentralization, Peer-to-Peer, Distribution and Federation are ingrained into Free Software Design and a proven best practice for users to exercise their freedom”

With Free Software, users control their computer instead of being controlled by their computer.

Free Business

“We envision Free Business as a distributed federation of independent professionals, who cooperate peer-to-peer to fulfill well-defined commercial services for customers”

In a Free Business, professionals run their own business instead of being run by a business.

Our Practice

LibrePractice.org is a Free Business Platform for independent professionals who make a living off Free Software and Hardware Services.

Datraverse B.V. is the initiating practitioner. Please contact this practice for more information. You are most welcome to join.


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